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S.S Brush

S.S Brush

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Have you ever thought about all the dirt, oil, and grime you're transporting onto your skin when you apply a mask with your hands? Applying your mask with a clean brush lowers the chances of any impurities being transferred to your skin and makes your process even purer with special spa-like feels. With a mask brush, you'll find yourself using way less product because it's so much easier to distribute an even, thin layer onto your skin.

The perfect tool for even application, with no mess. Its soft bristles provide even application & don’t absorb products to minimise waste.

The end of the brush is uniquely designed to scoop the product out of your jar, apply the desired amount to the back of your hand and apply away.

Care instructions: Between uses, rinse the brush in some warm soapy water than a gentle towel dry or leave bristles to dry

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