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Sheryne Skin

Ultimate Lash Kit

Ultimate Lash Kit

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We put together the perfect trio for long healthy, curled lashes. We have our lash growth serum that comes with a lash measuring card so you can track the progress of those lashes! It’s used every night along the lash line. Then we have a lash curler that you’ll have to experience yourself to see just how unique and pain-free this lash curler is! I hate when I use a lash curler, and it pinches my skin well! Not our lash curler!

Lastly, our Mascara, oh girl! This mascara has the same ingredients as our lash growth serum, which means your lashes will get an extra boost of growth while using the mascara too! You don’t have to worry about it smudging down your face or sticking to your lashes like super glue! With some water, it all comes off! It will last you all day and never smudge down your face or underneath your eye! I’ve been using this for 4months now, and I am so impressed! I can’t wait until you experience how great this is too!

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