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Gentle Dry Kit

Gentle Dry Kit

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Gentle Dry Kit: Ultimate Hydration for Dry and Sensitive Skin


Embrace the luxury of the Gentle Dry Kit, your ultimate solution for dry and sensitive skin. Designed in Australia, this premium skincare regimen is perfect for men and women aged 20-40, including expectant mothers and those with delicate skin conditions.

Cream Cleanser: Initiate your skincare journey with our Cream Cleanser, a luxurious blend of Avocado and Macadamia Oil. This creamy formulation gently purifies while maintaining essential moisture, leaving dry skin feeling refreshed and nourished. Australian Lavender and Cypress Blue Oil infuse a calming aroma, enhancing your cleansing experience.

Face Lotion: Follow up with our soothing Face Lotion. Packed with Vitamin B5 and Cucumber Oil, it provides intensive hydration, targeting areas of dryness and discomfort. The potent mix of Australian Kakadu Plum and Lilly Pilly Fruit Extracts offers a rich source of antioxidants, promoting a healthy, radiant complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid: Enhance your skin's hydration levels with our Hyaluronic Acid serum. It deeply moisturizes, plumping the skin and smoothing fine lines, for a more youthful, dewy appearance.

Vita Moist: Conclude with Vita Moist, our nourishing moisturizer. Loaded with vitamins and hyaluronic acid, it combats dryness and uneven skin tone. Natural extracts of Bearberry and Licorice Root brighten and revitalize, offering your skin a luxurious, hydrated glow.

Presented in sophisticated dark grey and gold packaging, the Gentle Dry Kit is more than skincare—it's an indulgence. Experience the transformation and cherish every moment of your rejuvenated, hydrated skin.


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